Throw-Away Dolls


Tell me you are not afraid.

Tell me you can’t feel

the quiver and the shake

of every foundation

you’ve ever known,

all that concrete

and stone,

suddenly not as strong

as you thought it was before.


Let me tell you something;

energy can make a liquid

out of stone.

Even the strongest of us

are only flesh and bone.

Our ideas are only as good

as those who would shed blood

to help this world to grow

out of the chaos

that is the universe.


We are just temporary toys.

Throw-away dolls,

wax soldiers,

paper planes.

A disposable syringe,

use once and destroy.

We’re all in on this thing

and we’re not getting off

without paying for the joy.


Trust me,

we’re in

for some wild times.

What kind?

I wish I had

a look inside.

There’s been hints,

but I’d hate to spoil

the ride.

We’re in

for a big fucking surprise.


No place to hide.

No time to run.

This time around

the game is played

by everyone.

I bet you thought

you’d be exempt,

if you opposed,

but that’s not how

this story goes.


But don’t lose hope.

Even the end

is just the birth

of something else.

We know

that energy

cannot destroy itself.

We know

that things

do not just cease to exist,

something always persists,

like a memory of this.


The good times are ahead.

The heroes are all dead.

The sacred’s been defamed.

The losers won the game.

The crack’s starting to show.

The story’s getting old.

It’s time for us to go.

I wonder

if anybody




HG – 2021

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