Silver Lining Broke


Holding on

to a silver lining,

trying not to hand

with too much

rope drawn

from another con.

Finding another way

to carry on.


This is the bright lights

morning time.

I’m here to face my demons,

but they only come out at night

and here

there are just angels.


Crack my skull open

and pour out

another thought omelette.

These always feed

the masochist

and the artist suffers

once again.


Did I solve

any of the world’s problems

last night?

Lucifer used to

burst into fire

and laughter

when I’d try.


But that old flame,

like tainted cocaine,


We all have those things

we realize

in the brightest lights.

Burn out my eyes.

I won’t need to see

where I am gonna go.


Been the kind

to never lose

all of my hope.

I’m a dark cloud,

my silver lining broke..

I never thought

I’d see a morning

as beautiful

as this one.

So glad I didn’t go.



HG – 2021

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