Conscious Computer


Under every skin,

beneath the flesh,

between the bones,

somewhere deep inside

resides our consciousness.


Not sure who we are,

but somehow we tend to be

here all the same.

No reason,

or common element.


The multitude of variables

that could be creating


doesn’t seem to correlate

with the variety.


There’s something else at play,

not the psyche,

not the brain.

Not the environment,

or genetics;

we can change them,

but if we look

a little deeper,

we see there is something more.


Haven’t you ever noticed,

that there are those around us

who seem to reach further;

a little more aware,

or enlightened?


Always quick to lead,

or guide the frightened.

Eyes that see

beyond the horizon.


It’s as if they become,

through some


in touch with their

inner consciousness.


Tapping into that thing

that lives

between everything.

Deeper than the body,

something like energy,

but maybe,

matter in this reality.


Under the skin,

beneath the stars,

there are neurons firing

in concert

with the state of the universe.



HG – 2021

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