Police Barricades


Whether they stand

for you

depends on where you stand.

Look out.

Look in.

You’re on one side

of the fence,

or the other.

The stall of gaining space

does not preclude to choose.

There are amazing things happening,

but they won’t make the news.


Subtle division,

is only done

with a

significant distraction.

They can’t know the answers,

if they don’t know the questions.

Ask them

where’d they rather be

than standing up for themselves,

then provide

the opportunity,

and if possible

help them to realize.


They don’t want to fight.

They will not win.

Sure, they have the numbers,

but we have the weapons,

and we’re not afraid to use them

on our fellow citizens.

Read between the lines

and I’m just siding

with the positions

of power.


If you resist

we’ll take your life,

we’ll take your home,

we’ll take your wife,

we’ll take your kids,

we’ll take your town

and over time,

we’ll breed you out.


We are inevitable.



HG – 2021

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