Light Bringer


Life giver,

light bringer.

Soul is the only way home,

no wonder we’re in trouble.

We’ve come so far,

we’re almost gone.


Does it feel like

we’re getting closer

to world peace,

or total war?

Don’t wait for the others,

this is what you were made for.


War fighter,


bringing it home to us.

Nothing more dangerous

than a

trained writer,

paid liar,

sticking our roots in blood

and the truth in dust.


Future passed

into violent clashes.

We thing we’re targeting fascists

and turn our guns on ourselves.


This shit is so familiar.

If you’ve seen one con

you’ve seen them all.

The only disease here

is seeing how many will fall

in line,

before we educate them.


So easily.

We return to what we were;



stock of the merchant class.


Life givers,

light bringers.

Trained writers,

paid liars.

This is just so absurd,

that the terrible

has become entertainment.



HG – 2021

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