This is where

we started out.

Such an insignificant place,

and the moment

was forgettable.

Nothing to differentiate it

from any other time,

any other place.


Quiet street.

Quiet town.

Clear, blue sky,

just a few clouds.

As unassuming

as any time and place

might be.

Who would have thought

it would be here

we changed everything.


No special skills,

no gifted minds.

We started out,

just you and I.

We spent our days

playing outside,

until the streetlights

told us it was time.


We walked to school,

we rode our bikes.

Chased the girls

in summertime.

All these memories

and I still can’t divide

myself from the same

of leaving you here to die.


I walked away,

and you stayed.

The sunny side of town

bled out into grey.

You felt the pain.

I was too far away,

and I didn’t’ believe

you’d begun

to dig your grave.


Here in our old hometown,

I don’t recognize a sound.

All the color’s gone,

there’s snow on the ground,

and I’m reaching out

for those memories.



HG – 2021

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