Taking Leave


Behind these walls

we live.

We thank you

if you’d not bring

the outside in.

Close the door behind you,

there are things in here

we don’t want getting out.

Pull up a chair

and I will tell you

why we stay where we

can be found.


The deeper you go,

you’ll find the halls

go on further than the walls

look from the outside.

It’s a vault

securing all of us inside.

You’ll find it all here,

every hope,

every fear,

every dream,

and every nightmare.


I can see already

that you’re intrigued

at the possibility

of finding what you seek.

Maybe you’ll stay for a week.

A rooms already made for you,

turned linen sheets,

a garden view.

The orderly will attend to you

and your every need.

Take this medication, please.

Enjoy this interlude.


You’ll find that there are many floors,

you can even go outdoors

and walk along the garden paths.

The gate is locked,

don’t worry about that.

Just wander all amongst the grounds,

and meet the other guests,

if they’re around.

You’ll find they’re no different than you,

yet so different in what they do.


We’ll all meet in the great hall

for dinner, when the kitchen calls.

Then you will see you’re not alone.

So many come to call this home.

Explore some more and you’ll confess,

your time here really does the best.

You find your mind

and all your dreams.

From lusts to just and empty being.

Asylum seek and you will find

no safer place to lose your mind.


All the guards are inmates, too.

They’ve learned to love this place

and so will you.


we’ll tie you to your bed,

we take such care of all our friends.

Lay down,

take your meds.

They’ll help you with that world

inside your head.

Just relax,

you’re home, now.

You have your whole life

to figure it out.


Sweet dreams and good night.



HG – 2021

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