Who Reads This?


Who’s gonna read this?

Backwater website dumpster fire,

teeming with discarded thoughts.


How did they get here?

What kind of search terms

brought them here,

to the edge of my mind,

the edge of sanity?


Is it the curious?

The Esoterics?

The word addicts?

Who scour the internet

searching for their next fix?


Is it the lost?

The wounded?

Ghosts who haunt

the shadows of the web?


Is it other poets,

who are hoping someone else

is just like them?


Who even reads poetry anymore?

Whose pain is so great

they seek it out in other’s crazy stories?


I don’t understand it,

but my life demands

that I express myself,

create this,

until I vacate this planet.


I am thankful for the likes,

and I appreciate the comments,

and the fact that there are readers

does a lot to keep me honest.


But I wanna know,

who reads this?

Who are you?

Where are you from?

What city?

What country?

There’s more to come,

I promise.


Hope you enjoy the ride.


Come see.

HG – 2021

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