The Only Light Within


Something touched a nerve.

Felt it like a shock.

From my head down to my soul,

something set me on this road.

Woke me from a perfect sleep,

where everything I need

was provided to me

by my phone and on TV.

Now, I want more.


Something broke a vein.

Come and feel the rush.

Used to think I was insane,

until I felt the touch.

Something embraced my soul,

didn’t know what it was,

but it was so much more than me,

and so I called it “God”.

Now, I want blood.


Take this life,

this exquisite moment,

stretch it out

to cover all of time.

Love is like a drug,

an almost perfect torment.

It rushes up into our minds

to make us blind,

but there is a love

that makes us see.


It’s not the seductress

that draws us in.

It’s a tiny voice

in the dark,

bearing the only light within.


It will make you question

who you are.

It will make your lust

dry and dull.

It will show you

how this world will fall,

and tear the veil,

so that you can see past it all.


Something woke me

from a pleasant dream.

Try as I might,

I couldn’t scream.

Eyes open wide,

now I see.

None of this is as it seems.



HG – 2021

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