Skeletons Exposed


The clouds break,


I think it’s been a long one.

This down time,

dragging the weight

through the year.


Spring comes

and the snow melts,

revealing all our sins.

Everything that we thought

we could hide

comes back out

under the Sun.

Our skeletons exposed.


It turns out,

it’s hard to hide a body.

The damn things

seem to have a habit

of turning up.


I think I’m done hiding mine.


I think it’s time

to sit out in the Sun

and let it

bleach these old bones

back to chalk white.


Things change,

and time has a funny way

of playing tricks on us.

Thinking that we

have escaped our past,

we rush forward,

only to encounter

some past version of ourselves,

uncover some past crime,

some weakness,

some failure,

and then we are exposed.


Our flesh strips away,

dissolving in the sunlight,

until it’s gone,

like the snow,

leaving just another skeleton,

another body

we can’t hide.



HG – 2021

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