Trapped Animal


I caught it again.

that little flicker,

that quick glimmer,

I see,

there’s a light behind your eyes.


Not sure at first

if it was just a trick,

or maybe it’s just me

making things up in my mind



You put up

a pretty good front,

so much so

that I almost passed you by,

but this season’s been so revealing,

I got a chance

to peek behind

your pale disguise.


Lost track of you

for a while.

You seemed to blend in

and fit for a minute,

but there’s something

about your smile

that gives you away

every time.


It never touches your eyes.

You’re just showing your teeth.

I believe,

behind those eyes

is a trapped animal.


I see you,

designer clothes

and going to the show.

I see you,

dance the dance,

product of circumstance,

but I see through

your nurtured lies.

What’s alive behind those eyes?


I believe you have

a predator in you,

but I don’t know

if you know

that’s the real you.

Let me show you how

to let the monster out.


It’s no good,

no how,

to have you hidden amongst us,

living in darkness;

you’ve got to come out

into the light.

Let’s see if it kills you,

or, if you survive,

you just might be useful.



HG – 2021

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