Fire in the Market

As high as I might reach,

as far as I can see,

trouble on trouble,

feeling the tremble

of the once steady touch

of the fingers of love.


Truth and justice

used to be something,

now it’s discussed

in the past tense,

by fence sitters,

and it’s disgusting.

So much for assumptions,


We would all want

the same things;

one hand frees,

while the other hand


Tell me you’re amazed.


There’s truth in the lie,

to get you to believe,

but the truth is the truth,

no matter who bleeds.

Fire burns everyone,

and everything.

Consuming desire

and those who revel in it.


Comfort of arms around us,

become memories of flames

as those we trusted

surround us,

and start calling out our names.


No date of execution,

we all end up the same.

The day of revolution

comes and goes again;

and we’re still slaves.

We just put on

a different set of chains.


Look up,

as high as you can see.

Reach out,

as far as you can be.

Separate yourself,

and you will see,

we’re being deceived.


We walk into captivity


Sold our own desires,

we set our homes on fire

and walked right in.



HG – 2020

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