Escape Hatch

Reaching in

through the storm.

Searching for

the main,

the source.

Deeper I go,

the more I’m forced

to admit

the center’s just

another skin.


Feel my way

along its

smooth surface.

Here and there,

there are

marks and scars

much like my own,

and eventually

I’m going to find

my way







this center of me.


I hoped I’d find

something to hold,

some rock

on which I would find purchase,

but it turns out

what’s within me

is a doorway

to elsewhere.


Is that spark in us,

something truly other?

Coming to grips

with the notion

that I am here

and somewhere else

at the same time.

I’ve been so wrong

about so much in my life,

I never thought that I’d

be so afraid to be right.


Here for a short time,

then we cast this world aside,

and head into the light

that resides,

not out there,

but inside.



HG – 2020

One thought on “Escape Hatch

  1. Very introspective, makes one think. What is going on right now in the world is making us all take a look inside ourselves. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Joni

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