A Voice on the Wind

A lost sound

calls to me,

somewhere from my peripheral.

Outside of me,

out of my reach.

Out of my mind?



No words I’ve ever deciphered.

Can’t place a meaning

on the tongue.

Always just beyond my shadow,

coaxing me along.

As if telling me,


that there is something more.


A light in the darkness,

showing me a way forward.

Whispering like the wind

in my ear.

Telling me there is so much

to fear,

but to keep going, anyway.


In my darkest moments,

I’ve heard it call.

Under the weight

of my worst defeats,

I’ve not given up.


There is still something

out there,

beyond what I was.

Something more than us,

like a guiding star,

singing a lonely song.

Just bright enough to be seen,

but not light the way.


There is more

than this place,

this flesh,

this dying moment.

It gets me back on my feet,

taking the next step,

and the next step.


And so I go on.


the voice of the next world.

Beyond me,

calling me in.


I open my arms wide

and fall forward.

Let the moments

that come next

embrace me.


HG – 2020

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