Pushing December

I can hear

that old, East wind

blowing in

that borrowed winter.

Kept it

back past the prairies

for a little while,

but now its brought it back

where it belongs.


I feel calm

for the first time in a while.

I’m ready to do

all the things I must.

And when I see you,


that’s the reason

and it’s more than enough.


I don’t think

that I’ve looked forward

to a Christmas time

like I do this year.

It must be

the trials and hardships

that make it all so clear.


We’ll put the tree up,

we’ll take a sleigh ride,

we’ll play out in the snow a while.

‘Cause that East wind

just keeps blowing,

bringing snow

to drift and pile.


I don’t want to look

for ward

to the springtime.

I don’t want to yearn

for summer’s heat.

I won’t miss the fall

and the colors of the trees;

I’ll take this winter day,

if you’re here with me.


We made it this far

and Lord knows

it ain’t easy.

We’ve seen some trouble,

and some pain,

but that East wind blows

and we both know,

that the cold

will bring us both

back home again.



HG – 2019

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