Prayer for The Living

Erase me

from your mind and memory.

Go on,

leave this place behind.

Forget me,

my face and the color of my eyes.

Burn me,

throw me on the fires of time

and set your eyes

on something higher.


I was there,

but all things fall.

You’ll see

that I didn’t really matter,

no, not at all.


I was a figment

of your imagination.

I was the shoulder

on which you cried.

I failed you,

 like a tree branch

in a storm,

but I just wanted you to fly.


Don’t listen

to the sound of my voice calling.

Don’t hear me,

when I whisper your name.

Turn around and walk away

from this memory

and never think of me again.


You are strong, now

and you’ll do alright.

You’ve learned the hard way,

my only gift to give.

The ghosts of those who’ve gone

can’t help you along;

the dead can’t show you how to live.


Push me away now,

and turn to face the morning.

Forget me,

and just walk away.

Go on,

the future is all yours, now.

Erase me,

and give up all your pain.


I will be here,

in between the moments,

whether you think of me

or not.

I would rather

exist in this

with you happy.

Let me be

the best thing you’ve forgot.



HG – 2019

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