These are not the words

that I thought I would write.

These are not the things

that I thought I would do.

Every day

I drift a little further

away from you.


Never finding me

in a safe place,

always crucified,

and huddled in

some extenuating


I bet you thought

I was coming in,

but I was gone.


Such is the wave of surrender

that comes over me

when I see you.

It’s probably why I keep moving,

putting the universe

between us.


I’m not sure we’re from

the same world.

Did you imagine me?

Are you just a dream?

I feel my life is coming to

one of those




This is not the way

I saw the world

when I first started,

but the fundamentals never change.

I never split hairs

over good and evil.


Every single time

I’ve been around you,

you say something

genuinely interesting.

Now I’m lost out here

in between

what I remember

and what my senses tell me;

telling me you’re real.


And I feel that wave about the break

over my head again.

It all comes flooding in;



and sweet surrender.


HG – 2109


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