From a Clear, Blue Sky

It falls to me

this time

and time again,

from a clear, blue sky.

Like an angel,

or an atom bomb.



no more qualified,

or competent

than you.

I’m just here,

in this place,

at this time,

right or wrong.


Some say our time comes,

our chance to live,

our chance to die

and we,

never even notice.

Our fortunes

unclaimed and abandoned.



it’s because I

stopped for a second

to smell a flower,

to listen to the birds,

to take in the sky;

that I saw it coming down.


I was here

to take a chance


at being at the center

of whatever I was.


Still not sure

if I’m saved,

or I’m destroyed.

I just know

that nothing

will ever be the same,

since I saw it coming

from a clear, blue sky.


HG – 2019

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