We run hot and cold.

never been ones to oppose,

but either side of any role,

cover the ground

like sky and snow.


As seasons come

and kill the sun,

you and I are two and one.

One at the end,

one just begun,

and lonely when we find someone.


You and I

are from different poles,

covalent and opposed.

Draw together,

rip apart,

but orbiting the same star.


When you push me,

I pull

and when you’re starving,

I am full.

You’re the sky

and I’m the ground;

wake up and we’ve

changed it around.


Two halves of

a strange embrace,

one that shifts

and always changes.


Two different acts

on the same wire.

No angels above us,

below is fire.


I’ll be hot,

and you’ll be cold,

when we’re together

we escape them both.


Your strength comes

when mine goes,

like waves

on a far off coast.


Not sure why

it is this way,

but I know I’m alive today,

because I have my


Keeps us balanced,

keeps us going.



HG – 2019

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