A Using Soundtrack

They never start this way,

always the brightest ones,

that hear the call and go

down with the demons.

Maybe it’s tragedy,

maybe coincidence,

maybe it’s by design,

but it never makes sense.


To watch those you love

try to choose

the songs they want

to die to.

Listening to the same refrain

over and over.


“I’ll get better soon.

It’s just a summer cold

I’m getting over.”

It can’t erase the skin,

the bruising

and the heart

that’s grown colder.


Play that one again.

I love the way

the harmony comes in.

Such a perfect arrangement.

Right about here,

I’ll push the plunger in.


Yeah, you don’t know,

and you’re better off

that I’d never have told ‘ya.

I know you won’t play these songs

when I’m gone

and you have grown older.


I might survive

and if I come around again,

we’ll sit and play

the same old refrains.


it’s all we know in the end.

Sit in the sun,

taking whole songs to the head.



HG – 2019

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