Test Pilot

Every time

runs away with me,

over and over again,

stuck on repeat.

Holding on is a trap

and letting go is a sin.

I’ve got to get it right.

I’m in a tail spin,

down to the bottom.


There was a price

for all that unearned knowledge.

A little more than just

the Mark of Cain,

or the smell of Sulphur.

The wind came up

off the ocean

and I could smell the decay

from the mountain.


I could cry out,

but I don’t think

you’d hear me.

I’d lie if I thought

there was anything to gain.

I’m not above

cheating to win;

I am my father’s son.


Breaking it down,

before the broken break me.

Needed enough,

just a little more

and I will

push the throttle out

past all my bad intentions.


Let me climb again,

just need momentum

and a warm day.

The bare Sun.

Keep my eyes closed.

I’m aiming straight up,

wonder where I’ll be

when the arrow comes back down?


Time ticks away,

but silently, now.

I might be my own escape;

I’m such a slippery fellow.

The seed is in the grape,

the vine is my dilemma.

Will it be a snake?

or branches of a vintage?


Reaching out

through to what I am.

Out way past where

I have been.

Life is a test flight,

over and over again.

A wild parabola.

Accidents on purpose.


HG – 2019


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