Put your mouth

next to mine,

biting at your teeth

and staring

into my eyes.

Deep inside,

but when I move aside,

I see you’re

not even tracking.

You’re in attack mode.

Looking for a victim.

Trying to download

your pain and bitterness on me,

and I’ve got the scars, now,

to prove you’re indifferent to it,

you’re stuck in the black out.


as if you were ever


So many excuses,

for abuses,

but you loved to grind it out.

Smashed up and bloody,

but you’d call me

in the small hours,

looking for victimhood,

like I was your priest

in a dope confession.


your problems

with your teeth,

was what made you special.


blind and hungry

to the feast,

is what made you

so exotic,

and disturbing,

and neurotic.

You emaciated

all your relationships,

but I’m still here with you.

Biting you back,

because we

are the same dilemma.





















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