What Lurks Beneath

A long,



Tumbling out of bed

into a whole wide world,

out of my own head,

to where the water’s clear,

ask me to come on in.

Surface smooth as glass.

Something moves within.

Something just below the surface,

under thin layers of skin,

fall and break the surface  tension.


for a moment.



I’m down

where all the monsters dwell.

In the cold, dark world

of that I’ve heard tell,

no one gets out alive.

No one escapes the gaze

of what lurks beneath

the surface of this place.


What’s that,

driving from the back seat?

What’s that,

movement behind your eyes?

Is that you,

or some imposter?

Is someone wearing

your disguise?


Ask me how I came to be here.

I’ll tell you how I fell

into place.

From a dream

into a nightmare.

So much for the world

being safe.

It never was.

It was always full

of monsters,

lurking here,

below the skin.

Every one of us

is just a traitor

to what really lurks within.


Falling into


kind of strange world, now.

I thought I saw something

move behind your eyes.

Something  I recognise.


HG – 2019

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