Nothing Special

I’m gonna set it all aside,

before I set it all on fire.

This is such a pretty home here,

I wouldn’t want to let

this thing get in the way

of a special friendship.


Some say

it’s best

to eat the Ego.

Swallow your own tail.



Climb to the high road,

rain your grenades down.

Elevate your position.

Take the fucking high ground.


Before it all goes ill,

before it all falls in.

Let’s give it a shot.

Two clicks above the chin.


It’s time to come clean,

or just don’t come at all.

Don’t waste my time,

or wait to watch me fall.


Because I’m already

beneath you, too;

digging you under.

Then I’m behind you

making you wonder.


Whisper in your ear.

Friend from the inside.

So many like you

aim for the decline

and stop

just short

of everything.

It’s no wonder

we ended up here.


I’m like you,

no, nothing special.

I just made my mind up

long ago,

that I was falling inward.



you wanna be

a friend?

Step to the beat

of a dead man’s drum.

Climb to the top

of the mountain,

just to see

how insane the world is,

then come and talk to me.


HG – 2018

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