Rumors of Wars


Strike before the sun has risen

and lay the day before you


like a vanquished foe,

or a satiated lover.

Be ready,

for the next blow comes,

not from the front,

but from behind.

The truth

of the New Day Crusader.


Conflict is

as conflict does

and friction keeps the wheels

from spinning out.


there is an endgame;

who would fight wars,

on wars,

on wars,

for the sake of fighting?


Restraint comes at a cost,

like any virtue.

The Madman

and the Messiah,

both receive the same applause,


Better to fight

a long, linear conflict,

than to butcher each other in the streets.


We are all insurgents, now.

Morally displaced,

philosophical refugees,

facing an overwhelming

occupying force.

Gone are the days

of conscientious objectors

and draft dodgers.

These days,

to abstain from the fight

is to pick a side.

And when you pick a side,

they hand you a pistol

and say;

“Put it in your brother’s mouth.”


We are all opposites

on a coin

with a billion sides.

It’s not just ‘Heads or Tails’ anymore,

the whole body is at stake.


Early morning assault.

Plotting a day

of protracted resistance.

Abandoning the hashtags,

now it is time for weapons

forged of iron.


built of sweat and blood

and hearts,

that bear a faint, remaining hope;

that when the sun comes,

it will rise on a new day.

An ever glorious morning.

The dawn

of a peaceful day.


HG – 2017



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