Fire, Water, Sky

The ring burns, fire feathers take flight into the night. Waves roll in off the ocean, reconciling madly with the indolent shore.   Rise my fire, fly high. My life cycle rise to the stars in the western sky.   Seek that moment in between wood cracking and waves lapping; silence is the distance between … Continue reading Fire, Water, Sky

Back Lit

  I feel everything; the drugs never took away the pain. The love never made me sanguine, I just lied and said I was OK. I cut myself free of the visible, out of the picture; I was pitiful. Stick around and make you miserable. It’s not a question of impossible; I’ve always been impossible. … Continue reading Back Lit

Match Man

One stick, then another taken away from the Match Man. Piling up his pyre, one and only fire is his destination. There's no hope, no desire. They won't burn him as he stands; take him down to build the flames higher. The tangled effigy of the Match Man.   Could have lit the flame, could … Continue reading Match Man

Rumors of Wars

  Strike before the sun has risen and lay the day before you prostrate, like a vanquished foe, or a satiated lover. Be ready, for the next blow comes, not from the front, but from behind. The truth of the New Day Crusader.   Conflict is as conflict does and friction keeps the wheels from … Continue reading Rumors of Wars

Beneath Fire’s Sky

It is the burning sky; that oh, so high divide that drives us apart, sends us seeking clarity. Stars blacked out by billow freedom veil; under a smudge sun, ravens flock like murders.   Run like a hunted stag through the undergrowth. Dive from the heights of the mountains’ cornice. Never been much for concrete … Continue reading Beneath Fire’s Sky

How I Imagine it Will Go

My submissions were rejected with pointed inferences and a jaundiced turn of phrase. Sneering and derisive, as if I had just pulled out my dick and pissed my first stanzas across the top of that fine mahogany desk.   The idea Of frittering away more minutes in the company of stuffy balloon men and rat-faced … Continue reading How I Imagine it Will Go

Memories and The Smell of Gasoline

I am here, in the place where fate resides. A waste of time, or just erasing mine? A clean slate, another state of mind. I have lost direction, must have missed a sign.   I got caught up for a minute in your grand design. Didn't see that I had missed my ride. Only for … Continue reading Memories and The Smell of Gasoline

You Started a Fire…

A silent scream - immolation - inspiration, instigate another situation - such damnation is the core of this heart that's beating. No more pussified fucks defeating. Can't touch the soul that's consumed by fire, place my mind on the line - take it higher.   Confronted and cornered - I lash out. Holding no knowledge … Continue reading You Started a Fire…