A Buyer’s Remorse

Uncorrupt me. Give me back my soul, crystal blue, like the ocean. Beholding world a new and infinite skyline, an endless horizon.   Unclip my wings. Unchain my heart. Remind we what I was before the world became my poison and my concubine. My bitter little accident, my secret sign.   Before I lay my […]

Angels For Lions

Where is my paradise? Where is my Brave New World? What I see here is a hunting ground; no Heaven, only prey.   We used words and thought we knew their meaning. We built things that made our purpose clear. Only after the holocaust, did we see we had it backwards; the angels didn’t receive […]

A Perfect War

All around me is danger; that latent human potential. Words are a sword to cut with, my bones, a full metal jacket. Every circumstance is heightened: that fuck or flight reaction.   Adrenal dump, pumping heart, racing thoughts; no excuses, only reaction time. Slippery snake, higher reptile mind. Base height too high and climbing, neuro-endorphin […]

Blood Stained Dress

  That look you gave me said that you were afraid and didn’t believe the reconciling lies that came from the other side; such an upsetting time.   Events turn to crying and denials. Pretty words for pretty girls and overstated reasons lead to misunderstandings.   Every modern convenience has given you a jaded apathy. […]


      There are deep, angry red marks on my flesh and my mind and my soul. Marked and measured, set aside, for torment is acceptable, no; it is required.   I was sold a blue sky, a yellow sun and a green tree. Red was not blood; red was firetrucks and racecars and […]

Rumors of Wars

  Strike before the sun has risen and lay the day before you prostrate, like a vanquished foe, or a satiated lover. Be ready, for the next blow comes, not from the front, but from behind. The truth of the New Day Crusader.   Conflict is as conflict does and friction keeps the wheels from […]

Killing Our Dead

Blessed are the Peacemakers; awash in the blood of innocence, their own culpability coppery red upon their lips. Never wage a war in a vacuum. There is a simple rule obeyed by all combatants. Surrender, only to your baser urges.   I have never killed a man. I have never desired it so. There was […]


No cover, no bigger rush. No other, so much for this shit. There lies the favor, love her or hate her, here is your saviour; shrouded in malcontents.   Sit and wonder how I stand, what I’ve done with my own hands. Draw out this distorted love, where is the one that I dream of? […]

So Fucking Absurd

Excuses don’t cut it anymore, just another way to remain – sanitized. Free from the wealth of information, no opinion to cloud your mind. Sympathy – surrogate compassion, mass consciousness hijacked by broadcasts; dilute – delude – denying action.   I am alive and dying daily. Never afraid and yet it is the love that […]

Substitute For Blood

There is no substitute for blood. No medium that better transfuses pain and pleasure. Sweeps oxygen to the lungs Leaves us spinning when it rushes to the brain and drains from us where we are opened up. It is the currency of civilization; the proof of purchase. The ink in which the terms of our […]