ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

Another ReBlog Wednesday. This time coming out with a piece called "Hot War". This piece touches on the theme of "Comfort is Death". Winter cold drives us indoors and under the covers. Hardship makes us seek the mindless entertainment of the screens. Meanwhile, there are still people out there making sure that there is food … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

A Child is Born

It is to us a funny thing; Divinity. A more abstract notion we have not entertained. That there would be, like us, but something more. A far beyond, but not unreachable.   Perhaps a comfort lost to walls and bonds, for loneliness no longer drives the heart. For fear and subjugation are now become abstract … Continue reading A Child is Born

Rumors of Wars

  Strike before the sun has risen and lay the day before you prostrate, like a vanquished foe, or a satiated lover. Be ready, for the next blow comes, not from the front, but from behind. The truth of the New Day Crusader.   Conflict is as conflict does and friction keeps the wheels from … Continue reading Rumors of Wars

In Bed Sheets

There were days when I slumber, never lifting my head. Seal up the windows, never leaving the bed. No trouble can find me, no feelings get in. Frankly, my darling; I’ve had my fill once again. For now I’ll take respite, tell the world I’m not in.   I have faded with twilight. I have … Continue reading In Bed Sheets

Clearing in the Evening

Here in the fog we are all ghosts. We are islands, tied and bereft of others. Reach out your hands, reach out with your mind and now we're all just running blind. When we find each other we collide.   Where has the Sun gone? It used to burn free our vision; now we survive … Continue reading Clearing in the Evening


Shhh... … I am quiet and peaceful now. I am moving, slowly like a breeze. I barely stir the leaves. the footprints of the insects are louder than me.   You hear that? No? That is me. I am owl’s silent flight. I am still, like winter night. Even starlight shines with noise into the … Continue reading Tinnitus

The Joy of Separation

Peaceful slumber comes, like death, or a sedated nod; when done severing, one sees everything.   Dropped out to be a part, alone and at home in the dark, cursed to finish what you start.   So this newfound heart, becomes the fire that burns, the mind that yearns to cut that nerve...                                                 … Continue reading The Joy of Separation


Don't give a shit anymore. No war - or four, or five, or six million dead - don't get ahead.   Draws me out of my slumber, makes me wonder; the mood - the mind state, of victims and aggressors, with such arrogance they wield hate. The possessors - of the power to take us … Continue reading Benefactor

Mausoleum Sanctuary

I've created a cemetery in the midst of this garden that is my life. A place of death where thoughts and dreams come to their final rest. Sometimes I watch the sun rise over the headstones; oh, and there are many. Each a place where I have buried deep under the crosses failures and losses. … Continue reading Mausoleum Sanctuary

Cold Hearts and Hot Wars

Waterboard and chill, friendly bouts of coercion into shame liking, that keeps stress pumping through ragged arteries. Corroded bath salt breakdowns, precipitate luxury vacation seizures. Comfort slips smooth leather straps around our wrists and necks. Avarice climaxes in agony, eyes roll wildly in real panic when it sets in that our safe word is “Yes”. … Continue reading Cold Hearts and Hot Wars