Rumors of Wars

  Strike before the sun has risen and lay the day before you prostrate, like a vanquished foe, or a satiated lover. Be ready, for the next blow comes, not from the front, but from behind. The truth of the New Day Crusader.   Conflict is as conflict does and friction keeps the wheels from […]

And Earth in Between

Face the Opposition, never let it lie. Hold your position, fight until you die.   No compromise no anger, just the truth and bone and Heaven above you, Hell below.   Let no insipid visions seat upon your brow. Though challenges beset you, take them with you, as you’re going down.   There’s more to […]

Kill the King

See, we all gathered around to hear the news today, to see if the song still remained as it had for ten thousand yesterdays, but there were murmurs in the backcourt, dissention on the line and I knew that these men were no longer my brothers; some, I couldn’t recognise.   Greed and envy take […]

Sheep Dog

The night comes, deep and cold. Under the brilliant light of the full moon, the flocks in the field glow white.   They have finally quieted, after something in the night spooked them. Their bleating I fear will draw the wolves down from the high mountains. For now at least, the cold has them huddled […]

For The Shadow Warrior

Fight light and move between shadows, unburdened by time. Move between moments, ceasing only briefly then gone again. A deadly wraith.   Tread all paths with trepidation. Know fear and let it be your ears, your eyes, your skin.   Be unknown to all, but your closest kin, mystery is a cloak and camouflage is […]

One Dichotomy

I am borne of love and hardship. Of battle scars and tender hearts and fiery passions, stoked by confrontation.   I am a creature of conflict, at peace within my soul; for I know the worst this world can bring me, is Death; my oldest friend.   I am built upon defeats and my bones […]

A Good Fighting Stance

It is a survival instinct that drives us to fight. The whisper in our ear that we are weak; that we are small and soft and easily crushed. It is the knowledge that we are helpless that forces our hand, makes us sweat and bleed to be better, to be stronger, to be harder to […]