Who’s Laughing Now

I know you remember,

You say you forget.

The words of the devil,

whispering regrets.

You’ve come so far,

so far,

so close you have kept;

pain and a memory

is all you have left.


Who is it that took you down?

Who is it that put you on the ground?

Who would you kill if you could?

Even if you knew you would,

suffer in a world of flame,

who is it that gave you shame?

What would you give to find out?

Show them all,

who’s laughing now.


We all are

broken inner children,

we have all

been victimized.

Bruised, betrayed

and hope was stolen,

innocence has been denied.

Trust was raped

and hearts were broken,

faith replaced

with thieves and lies.

Left you wretched,

lost and hopeless;

wouldn’t you love

to repay their gifts

in kind?


It’s the monsters in our heads,

not the ones under our beds

that make us face the end,

the break up and the bend.

The twists in life align

to break into a smile;

we never lost it all,

we gained it in the wild.


He took you for a ride,

she pushed your love aside,

he fucked your only friend,

she took your heart and then,

they ridiculed your home,

they made fun of your clothes

they tried to push you down,

show them

who’s laughing now.


They couldn’t kill you,

but they filled you

with the breath of every evil

that was visited upon you.

Take the life

that they took from you.


We all have our torments,

for the moment,

let’s embrace our anger.

Show them there is nothing,

but the suffering

now we fear no danger.

The taste of living

for the minute

that we win is so exquisite.

Grinning as you stand

above the crowds

that held you down.


You’ll show them all

who’s laughing now.


HG -2016

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