The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations,

gave enough to make a single word

escape the lips so savoured in amazement,

abated with each syllable unheard.


I was wrong to think that I could change you.


Fettered by exemptions I was promised

by a new and unfamiliar paramour.

Clinging to my manic introspections,

given up and never wanting more.


I was wrong to think that you were different.


You were there just long enough to hurt me.

I reached out with hands around a gun,

bleeding from the wounds where you had left me,

all alone and feeling every one.


I was wrong to think that you cared.


We all dive head first into dark and shallow waters,

but only once,

and never again.

There have been more than a few of us that bought it,

there was a time

we were friends.


I was taught to never trust an angel.

You were well versed

in the ways of men.

When I was lost,

you came along and told me

you were uncommon then,

but in the end

you were just like them.


I was wrong to think I needed you.


Drawing out your influence like poison;

drop by drop the feelings fall away.

Derivative of long depreciation,

I have lived it every single day.


I never should have trusted you.


Consequence and judgement may have found you,

wrapped up in your resting solitude.

Dragged you to the river where they drowned you,

embraced by Fate’s seldom eluded view.


You never should have fucked with me.


HG – 2016

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