I feel my grip slip and that’s the only indication that I need to keep holding on. My heart has sunk into my belly, a leaden weight that I refuse to abandon. My eyes behold a single vision, distorted through my insecurity, and tears that defy gravity, a fishbowl enigma I don’t have the ability […]

3 More Pieces of Me 08.19.17

Life, death, love and rebirth are the themes of this week’s poems. Life is an ever evolving and changing thing that requires us to diligently tend the fires of our passions and be ready to receive the lessons life imparts. The wisdom of the universe is there for the taking, through pain and victory, loss […]


They never called me “Poet”. They called me “Weak”, they called me “Sanguine”, called me “Depressive”, called me “Ineffectual”.   They called me “Liar”, They called me “Dreamer”, called me “Traitor”, called me “Strange”, but never close enough that I could hear them.   I’m basking in these moments, because they’re all that I have […]

Eyes That See in Color

Eyes that behold the light, sapphire blue suffusions. Reflections through spectrums of deep, red hearts pulsing, expanding with mass gathering faster that heat burns, hot white and corona yellow, in purity of conversion.   Bright soul of the brilliant fires, burned long, down to even, cold azure, off-gassing green luminescent and striking crystalline veins of […]

The Art of Persuasion

A soft word in your ear, a bright and kindly smile, a warm, caressing touch, a gift in selfless style.   The firm, but stern address. The suggestion to do. The ridicule of those who do not share your views.   Stigmatize enemies. Foment great hate with lies, raise up our candidate. Opponents demonized.   […]

Phoenix Life

Why do you hide from the storm? What do you fear of its power? These are just words on a page, life gets shorter by the hour. Love is a dangerous game, I’m trying to get you to play and stand out with me in the rain. I’m trying to make you exclaim; “I love […]

What Purpose?

I have been playing dead out of fear that the behemoth of time and duty will take me.   I have been feigning death, in hopes that the monster of my life will simply pass me by.   A childish man, hiding under the proverbial covers, safe only from imaginary boogeymen, but not from life. […]

Made In My Image

I held out an open hand trying to touch the world. I passed right through, I always knew it was an illusion. I cut myself and tried to bleed, since death is the only certainty; I was only so surprised to see wires and circuitry.   It turns out I am an illusion, too, Learning […]

My Inglorious Fate

Time, like water, only runs down and runs out. Might as well say I’ll stay thirsty and late. I’ve avoided the law of the man, of the gods, now I’m left here sitting at the gate.   Rode the storm and boy, it was a long one. Wandered the desert and paid with lovers and […]

Old Lizard Man

Under still, morning starlight, heart bright, the soul of the desert exudes heat, still lingering from the day in the ice blue night. Stretching out, long, like an old lizard, soaking up that ground heat and keeping an eye out for hawks.   Here among the rocks, out on the long, low plateau, in a […]

Who’s Laughing Now

I know you remember, You say you forget. The words of the devil, whispering regrets. You’ve come so far, so far, so close you have kept; pain and a memory is all you have left.   Who is it that took you down? Who is it that put you on the ground? Who would you […]

Our Peace Country Home

The season is changing again and I’m tired of this town, but I’m stuck to you and I’m alright with that.   Not much changes, up here, under the immeasurable sky. The coyotes sing and the Aurora Borealis dances,  a shimmering, gossamer scarf across the sky.   It’s no secret that I miss the mountains […]

Fumble Fuck

I’m a blind man, trying to feel my way around this system. I’m lost in intricate theatricals. I don’t understand the symbols or their meaning, can’t shake the feeling, this isn’t going to end well.   I tried to take apart a person, just to see how they worked on the inside, but it can […]

One and One

I watched two ravens fight over the carcass of some creature, unfortunate enough to wander onto the road. Their long, black beaks ripping and tearing through fur, and flesh and bone. This is the way of the world.   The newsfeed blasts footage of chlorine gas used on civilians, bombs and mortars smashing schools and […]

Four in the Morning

It is four in the morning and the spectre of yesterday has barely left us alone. Tomorrow is yet to come to be today, so we sit, in the dark on our own.   There are no arms of comfort to chase away fears, no covers; we’ve abandoned the bed. So we sit and we […]

Another Day of My Life

I don’t want to wish for more time. I don’t want to mourn the life I did not live. I know that there are only so many brilliant dawns allotted to my eyes and I want to experience every one.   I have wasted lifetimes, if measured by the time of the less fortunate; many, […]

At Second Glance

A bright smile and self assured, a walk just killing those shoes. Head held high and eyes wide, showing care. I think you’ve got things figured out at first glance and then I turn away. For a moment, my mind wanders and when my gaze returns. I see you walking with your daughter and your […]

Broken Angel’s Wings

I didn’t know I’d be the last love you’d trust, I didn’t know that after me you’d just give up. I wish you’d told me that the pain was just too much, I could have helped you feel the kind of touch that you always had for me when I would run, home to you, […]


I cannot give myself anymore, there’s nothing left inside. Just a ghost I was before, now I realize that I have died. I’ve lost my disguise, now I cannot hide like I did when I was the only thing you would need.   I was below and above and the answer to your dreams, yet […]