The Clock Tower

Revenge is best left to angels, 'cause I know I haven't seen Heaven. I have no righteous indignation, just a long and simmering hatred. My resilience breaks now beside you, all of these important messages, just click by like falling snowflakes and I can't harbour anymore resentment.   When time dies, it doesn't matter anymore. … Continue reading The Clock Tower

Who’s Laughing Now

I know you remember, You say you forget. The words of the devil, whispering regrets. You’ve come so far, so far, so close you have kept; pain and a memory is all you have left.   Who is it that took you down? Who is it that put you on the ground? Who would you … Continue reading Who’s Laughing Now

Forever Sea (Cleaning Beaches)

High tides eat the beaches and wash the footprints from the sand. The natural swell of an asynchronous orbit, made only more egg-shaped by the company of our Moon.   When the tide goes back out again, it will expose the bottom feeders and leave the rocks and beaches covered in flotsam. Crabs will scuttle … Continue reading Forever Sea (Cleaning Beaches)

Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Little Miss, have you met disinformation? My little lie, as I tell you; "You mean so much to me." This middle man is paid to bend the truth, such as you see.   Patronize - soft eyes and smiles. Tender words to pierce your fragile heart. Once you catch on, I'll confess and apologize, say … Continue reading Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)