Oh no, it ain’t easy,

to play the fool so well

and fall into the pitfalls

of your funhouse every time.

Hope it pleases you to watch me

laugh and tumble

down upon my face;

degraded on the incline.


Burn my hands – I grip life tighter

Smash me down – I climb back higher

If I’m not learning from all this shit anymore,

then please God, take me home.


Thinkin’ I’ll take my time as it comes,

live a life alive and then some;

make my exit with a smile when I’m done.

Another shadow in the dark,

ignited by a spark,

to shine a light inside

and open up my eyes.


Felt the fetid touch of warning

as the sewer of my soul

becomes my blood.

Weighted down and withered,

can’t abide by this war

against myself.


Won’t bind me, or keep me from seeking,

traps that I’ve set can’t catch me now.

Keep feeling and learning and growing,

love’s keeping me from checking out.


HG – 2000-2005

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