Bitter Water Healin’

The past – never lasts. The cure – is so unsure. I’ve broken every cast, spiked the mix and still it’s pure.   Unadulterated – Chronic masturbated I know, I probably should have waited, can’t remain this aggravated – and surviving on nothing’s just part of disbelief. Holding close to closing, press the button for […]

Divinity Us

Each time I pierce this veil drawn across my soul, the mere moments of experiencing the system as a whole, are blinding – so used to hiding. Paranoid, but needing what the light brings.   This whole life holds me over; sewing back on the severed. Why can’t I stay forever in this holy moment? […]


Oh no, it ain’t easy, to play the fool so well and fall into the pitfalls of your funhouse every time. Hope it pleases you to watch me laugh and tumble down upon my face; degraded on the incline.   Burn my hands – I grip life tighter Smash me down – I climb back […]