A Real Life of Waste

There is an instant

when the question begs an answer

and procrastination just don’t make the grade.

All the hours spent in harmful distraction

are ever really worth the prices paid.

A need unfilled provides a way into me

for every harmful and angry impulse.

No self-destruction, but what comforts me,

is an embrace with the universe.


Take away chemical cushions,

and running out of grace –

giving in only lessens

the life in my veins –

Friends and family wait for me

to solve all my disgrace.

There is no day like today

to make a real life of waste.


No wonder, but the whisper of a lover

who’s awaiting my recovery

to take me in her arms and keep me safe.

Won’t wager with the devil, cause my

future is above me – on a level I must reach

to make a real life of waste.


Healing hurt will make me who I am.

I’m keeping, keeping on as best I can.

Won’t worry her by putting

my life upon the blade,

the needle or the noose

won’t cut short all the plans I’ve made.

‘Cause I’m sick of being sick

and only living just to die.

Don’t need a co-dependent user,

but a lover and a friend by my side.


Slow down …

                come ’round…

                                it’s time…

                                                to find…

                                                                my place…

Wind out…

                live now…

                                making a real life…

                                                of waste…

                                                of waste…

                                                of waste…

                                -I don’t wanna live this way-


-No, I don’t wanna die this way-



HG – 2000-2005

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