Divinity Us

Each time I pierce this veil

drawn across my soul,

the mere moments of experiencing

the system as a whole,

are blinding – so used to hiding.

Paranoid, but needing what the light brings.


This whole life holds me over;

sewing back on the severed.

Why can’t I stay forever

in this holy moment?

If it wasn’t for these

glimpses of the life beyond this,

if all the static of reality

left me alone inside the darkness,

I never would have noticed

that there’s more to life than all this.


So many, so weak, they fall into this madness,

corrupted by ideals – all lies – no substance.

So many needing – so many lost,

each moving through their time on this sphere,

so prepared to pay the cost;

never wondering, or asking why we’re here.


Can’t see any answers

other than the one truth I know

in my soul.

All the questions are bred

of short sighted, selfish fear

that we are all alone.

In life cannot exist within,

this glow of pure light – never been

there long enough to find the words

to say what I saw, what I heard.


In God’s own mind,

in each of us,

we know the truth,

yet we don’t trust

ourselves, or each other at all.

That’s why we’re stuck here on this ball

of dirt;

trying our best to stem the hurt

of being separated from the infinite;

never noticed we are all a part of it.


Staggering like drunken dancers,

drooling like a drunk for answers;

New World Order pays in cancer,

too afraid to make a change.

We’re waiting for a heavenly sign

to tell us it’s gonna be alright,

but it will go to shit

and take you all with it.

No salvation apart.

One mind – One soul – One life – One heart.


HG – 2000-2005

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