Dawn Apostle

These are the lean times. The in between times. The belly full, but sometimes the mind screams and I’m nose to the grindstone, eyes on my own work, feet on the way to a milestone, soul on a slow burn.   It was my turn and I took it without question. My mind made up […]

Breath of A Warning

It’s been amazing, a real, good time to set aside differences and talk as equals. Now, I’m not ashamed of who I am and what I’ve done, because I’ve let it go and I’ve moved on.   But when I get up to leave from our quiet reverie, you’re grabbing my arm, trying to pull […]

The Bones That Broke The World

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names they will define you, limit you, confine you, until you can transcend them.   My bones will knit stronger than before. Wiser for the lessons, as I learn to understand them.   I have also been known, as lost and broken. Fear me now, I’m found […]

One Dichotomy

I am borne of love and hardship. Of battle scars and tender hearts and fiery passions, stoked by confrontation.   I am a creature of conflict, at peace within my soul; for I know the worst this world can bring me, is Death; my oldest friend.   I am built upon defeats and my bones […]

Praying For Angels

Strength, we work for it, we pray for it; to get us through another day fraught with circumstances stacked against us.   Yet there is no strength for this, no prayer that could leave our lips that would delay the coming of each singular end.   We are born of the crackling fire. Sparks sent […]


Oh no, it ain’t easy, to play the fool so well and fall into the pitfalls of your funhouse every time. Hope it pleases you to watch me laugh and tumble down upon my face; degraded on the incline.   Burn my hands – I grip life tighter Smash me down – I climb back […]

Other Second Chances

Being alive in this place, at this time. Seeing inside, what awaits, what’s denied. Pushing past pain to regain what I’ve never known. Our fortunes are foreign and fortunate sons go alone. With every bridge burned in my wake I can finally go on. There’s only one way I can face; the light of the […]

Achieving Vertex

When I grow up, I want to be an unstoppable force of nature. A high tide of human potential, irrepressible and without boundary. Slipping even the bonds of my own doubts and confounding my critics with the fervor by which they speak my name. I want to kill mediocrity. I want to drive a wooden […]