Hail Mary Hubris


Mulling over this


Not what we

thought that it would be.


and lacking imagination,

so brutal,

almost as to be child-like.


We gave you more credit

than you ever deserved.

Used to be so subtle,

now  you’re cutting through the nerve,

and still playing the victim

with a script that’s so absurd,

you’re willing to burn the world

in your hubris.


Things used to be

different with you.

You took the time to mine

your point of view.

You cared about the world,

or so it seemed,

perhaps all that

was part of your scheme.


But, now it seems

the bloom’s come off the rose.

Your hidden goals

have been exposed,

and instead of keeping composed,

you’re trying the throw

the whole world in the fire,

so that you might have control.


Are you so close

to losing all you’ve gained

that you’re going for

the Hail Mary play?

“One for all the cards”,

or so they say.

Are you gambling your humanity away?


Whatever you win or lose,

we lose the same.

The peasantry

is sniffing out your game.

The whole world

used to be a stage,

but it’s clear

that it will be our grave.


So sit back,


Know that judgement comes

for us all.

Not plans of man

ever survive first contact,

we are all

children of consequence

of our avarice

and our hubris.

Time to join

the tyrants in line

for justice.



HG – 2022

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