There is movement in the sky,

out past the grey curtain of this morning.

There’s a whole world of people out there,


past the limits of our vision.

The thing you hold in your hand

doesn’t connect you, anymore.

Maybe we thought it did

one time,

but it’s been shown to do

more damage than anything.


Clouds break,

and out to the West

a light blue sky emerges.


the sun will come

and remind us

that there is still a world

full of life out here.

Will we get up,

put on our boots

and head out

to seek adventure,

or are we more inclined

to tie back in

to the metaverse?


Birds sing

and a warm breeze blows.

Soon the snow will be gone

and we will move on,

I hope,

to the next phase of our lives,

where we live,

and thrive

and grow.




and build community.



and love,

to try to make the world

a little better than we found it.


We’ll open our eyes

to the fading light of day

and watch the stars come out

one by one,

and the sky

will wear its brightest aurora.

We don’t need

to be tied in

to the whole world

in any other way

than this.

The Universe

will suffice.



HG – 2022

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