Lessons from the Undergrowth


Take the lessons

where they come,

be it from the lowest gutters,

or the highest mountains.

Learn well what life teaches

and learn to recognize

teachers and prophets.


Life might guide you

into the high tangle of branches

and beyond,

but that kind of freedom

only comes

with lessons learned.


To some,

knowledge is a lodestone.

To others,

it is a pair of wings.

And to others yet,

it becomes


to carve

on their headstone.


Learn to do better.

Knowledge is one thing,

but wisdom,

quite another.

Hand in hand

they will take you

up into that high place,

if you honor them

and pay attention.


Find small twigs

and dry grass

and burn your ego

as an offering.

It will not serve you

like it did in the past.

Knowledge is self,

but wisdom is transcendent.


Learn the lessons

of the Earth,

the trees,

the mountains,

and the sky.

Ignore the minds

of those who only

covet each other.


Be free

from the vines

and briars,

but learn the lessons

from the undergrowth

as well as the stars.



HG – 2021

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