War and Peace


It’s so hard

to feel strong

walking away from a fight.

When the last

of the adrenalin fades,

you’ll know the choice you made

was right.


There’ll be

another fight,

another day.

Pride giveth,

and pride taketh away.

A long story that will never change.

Turn the other cheek

and get shot in the back;

that’s the way they play the game.


Nothing’s fair in love and war,

and peace is the only thing

worth fighting for.

The colors on every flag will fade

and the reason for the meaning

will at one time pass away.

All we have is today.

How do we defend this place?


Diplomacy is always preferable

over battles fought,

but what happens when the wolves

harass the flock?

Therefore, we make peace,

but plan to do,

rather than not.

We must be the line

at which the danger stops.



HG – 2021

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