Burning in purple,


engaging one.

Filter my moments

through the facets

of experience.

Couple with music

and the soul

that moves

in the fire.

I am a vessel

completely for hire.


Ask me anything,

I can speak

with the look in your eyes.

When you run out of questions,

we can sit

at peace

in the silence,

and watch the fire burn down

the architecture

of our proudest visions.


Where do the shadows go

in the darkness?

I could feel your violet eyes

on my skin,

seeking the deeper places

of my cover

and asking me

to let you in.

Obligated by color,

I relent.

I could never refuse

the lavender touch

of ghosts.


In the morning,

the sunlight

filtered through the smoke,

and the amethyst sky


like a shattered window.

I lay there,

staring up

into nowhere,

alone, but for the memory

of the memory

that you painted me with.



HG – 2021

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