The Trouble with Humans


The future belongs to the flies

and things that eat the dead.

There’s nothing left of us,

we withered where we once flourished.

Couldn’t stand against the tide,

couldn’t endure the rain,

we were not who we thought we were,

we lacked the strength and courage.


The trouble with humans,

is we get so high on ourselves,

we believe the lies,

even if they lead us

quickly to Hell.

If someone tells us

we’re beautiful,

we think they’re right.

If someone tell us

we’re strong,

we’ll stand up and fight.


Under different conditions

you’d call such

easily programmed beings



no free will.

The trouble with humans

is we only follow orders

until someone changes our mind,

then we step out of line.


We build networks of contingencies

into our plans.

Let us think

freedom is in our hands.

Let us believe

we have a choice.

Let us achieve

our little voice

and then use it to control us.


Does it really matter?

So many disposable souls

at our disposal.

Every herd needs a cull,

from time to time.

Every forest needs a fire

to clear out all the deadfall,

ever planet needs

an apocalypse

once in a while.


The trouble with humans is

we don’t go quietly,

we don’t die silently,

we fight so frighteningly


we might lose control.



HG – 2021

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