Atoms of Ashes


Starting all over

from the atoms of ashes.

Glimpse of destruction,

physically pulverized,

mentally wiped out,

spirit’s been exorcized.

Somehow we still find

ourselves alive;

maybe it’s time.


Death is just

an imaginary door,

no key to find,

no code to know.

We are the ones

whose minds are closed.

Each moment is

a new horizon,

stretching out forever.


I feel the little

parts of me

coming back together

from that last journey

into precious nowhere.


This world destroys me

at its will,

almost for its amusement.

I am reborn,

I rebuild,

then I set out to find you.


We are all

on borrowed time,

but we will never

see the line.

Our eyes behold

the universe,

but we are blind.

Only perceiving

what’s in this moment

and forgetting

that we

were all ashes once.



HG – 2021

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