Touch Hell


Reaching out,

arms outstretched,

straining towards



to fill the void.

In the dark,

blind as a child,

under covers,


oh, so little

of the world,

until you touch it.


Touch Hell.


Smooth as skin,

cool at first,

then warming quickly.

Now you see,

eyes open,

heart beating

in your chest.

That was frightening,

but kind of fun,

wasn’t it?

Reach out.

Do it again.


Touch Hell.


This time

you’ll find

it’s reaching

back out to you.

It knows you, now.

It knows your taste.

It knows your smell.

It’s what you want;


and over,

and over again.


Touch Hell


Know power.

Once you learn

what controls you,

you can control

someone else.

Every desire,

every wish,

is at your

greedy little fingertips.


Touch Hell.


One day,

reach out

expecting that


beautiful body.


Touch Death.


Rotting flesh,

exposed bone,

soft and porous.

But, you

can’t stop yourself,



Touch Hell.


Touch Death.


I bet you wish

you had never

wanted this.



HG – 2021

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