We came here

from a place of mottled

light and shadow.

Callused hands

traded for callous hearts

and I

have fallen in

to the looking glass,

never looking back.


How must that

have felt for you?

Why have you stayed?

Is love so stubborn

that it refuses to see

the object of its affection

has been lost

to some mad game?


Stranger still,

I came back,

woken from some

crazy dream

and you and I

are here,

together again.


You seem grateful.

I am confused.

My eyes hurt,

like there is pressure

behind them.


Years unnoticed

creep across my face.


became hard masters

once again,

but you and I

don’t seem to care.


I ask myself,

“Is love so stubborn,

that it will endure

every hardship,

for only a moment’s gratification?”

I know the answer;

and I too am grateful,

not bitter,

not angry,

and not scared.



HG – 2021

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