Greater Escapes


Laying there,


Day passes,

I don’t care.


Feeling gravity

pulling me down.

Can’t seem to lift

a leg or finger.

Somehow I’m trapped,

but I don’t mind.

I wasn’t planning

on going anywhere.


If I stay here;

I’m alright.

If I can find

the strength to break

these bonds that hold me


like iron chains,

I can’t explain.

I remember,

I have made

greater escapes.


I have found

my way home

from far away.

I have walked

lonely roads

and still,

I remain.


I could go,

if I so chose,

the next thing I know,

I can feel myself



Elated feeling

to be free,

no longer tied up,

or held down.

Floating now.



in the back of my mind,

I realize

that I’m wide awake

and the room

is quickly filling

with water,

and I’m almost

to the ceiling.



HG – 2021

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