Liar Butterfly


There was a time

when I realized

that everything

I ever wanted

was a lie,

but I still wanted it,

even though I knew,

because it still

looked better

to me

than the truth.


So easy

to deceive ourselves.

It’s like we’re begging

to be led astray.

The forked tongue,

the wet smile,

the gentle touch;

an endless promise,

spoken for the broken.


Pretty sure

it’s how we’re built.

Some kind of


cause and effect

programming language.

Easily hacked,

easily tracked,

constantly updated,

but never really upgraded.

Just wait for the next pack.


I fell for it

so many times,

and so did you.

Like addicts,

we returned to use.

No butterfly


from its cocoon

and thinks

it is a dragonfly.

That’s why

I think we’re doomed.



HG – 2021

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