Mobius Strip


So you see,

the world turns

not in a perfect circle,

but it sways

on an oblong orbit

and strays

ever so slightly

from our hopes

and our expectations.


Didn’t you

make the claim

that the world

was a thing

only to change

your name,

your heart,

and your ways?


Life is a bitch,

if you’re trying to predict it.

Always a lie,

or a fly in the ointment.

Here comes the rabble,

another poisoned apple,

herding the cattle

to their final appointment.


It seems

that wherever you look

you can find


But more and more it seems,


and greed;

the human fallacies.


So, don’t fear,

or be afraid,

the world’s the same

as it was yesterday.

Just a different time,

a different space.

Some new disgrace.


It won’t quit.

We decided before this,

to buy every lie

imbibe it with both fists.

Now we gape bewildered,

blissful, ignorant children,

blind to the pressure that’s building

until it’s explosive.


It’s time,

maybe for us

to separate.

Step back

and admire

the situation.

So entwined

our minds are

in the barbs,

they’re penetrating

who we are.


There’s more to this

than what we see,

but we still choose

what we believe.

Architects of this tragedy,

but we’re just tourists

in this reality.


HG – 2021

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